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  PresentingDoctor PresentationTitle  
  Abdallah El-Shal AF in athletes. PDF
  Abdallah El-Shal Screening, risk stratification and early detection of radio/chemotherapy associated cardiotoxicity. PDF
  Abdallah Maghraby Case Presentation: Rare complication caused by central venous catheter insertion PDF
  Abdel Aziz Hassan Infection Control at Cathlab PDF
  Abdou Azab Predictors of Response the CRT. PDF
  Adel El-Gamal Rastelli operation: Mansoura Experience PDF
  Adel El-Sayed Glucose lowering agents in the Prevention of Cardiovascular events and Mortality in Type II Diabetes. PDF
  Adel Osman How Do We Measure Response to CRT? PDF
  Adel Shabana OPTICARE - Benefits of the OPTImal CArdiac REhabilitation trial: a randomized, controlled superiority trial of an expanded educational and behavioral interventio PDF
  Adel Shabana Introduction: stages of cardiac rehabilitation PDF
  Adham Abdel Tawab Quantification & etiology of Mitral Regurgitatio PDF
  Ahmad El-Sayed Are we going to extend the indications? An insight from PARTNER trials. PDF
  Ahmed Abdel Aaty What’s new in MPI? PDF
  Ahmed Abdel Gelil RV Septal Pacing in the Clinical Practice: How to Choose the Best Lead Position. PDF
  Ahmed Adel IRONOUT trial: IV iron therapy vs oral iron in HF patients PDF
  Ahmed Boghdady Decompensated heart failure management in patients with liver cirrhosis PDF
  Ahmed El-Askary Do cardiac risk factors matter in patients with cancer? PDF
  Ahmed El-Bendary Prosthetic Valve IE complicated by Cerebrovascular Stroke; what to do? PDF
  Ahmed El-Bendary NACIAM trial: N-Acetyl cysteine for myocardial salvage in STEMI. An old domain revisited but with promising results. PDF
  Ahmed El-Guindy Pre-procedural planning & Access Options PDF
  Ahmed El-Guindy Antegrade Wire Escalation PDF
  Ahmed El-Guindy Paravalvular leak after TAVI, How to deal? PDF
  Ahmed El-Tayeb Short term outcome after percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with impaired left ventricular systolic function by Conventional, Tissue Doppler (TDI) and Speckle-Tracking Echocardiographic study (STE) PDF
  Ahmed Ezz Case Presentation PDF
  Ahmed Farid The Aortic Valve PDF
  Ahmed Farid Echocardiography in cath lab and operative room PDF
  Ahmed Magdy Moustafa Coronary computed tomography angiography predictors of tapered and soft tip guidewire crossing antegradely through CTO PDF
  Ahmed Mohamed Cardiac Pacing Devices PDF
  Ahmed Mohamed El-Beny Diagnostic Value of Vena Contracta Area in the Quantification of Mitral Regurgitation Severity by Color Doppler 3D Echocardiography PDF
  Ahmed Nabil Exercise with pacemaker/ICD. PDF
  Ahmed Onsy Lipid lowering in kidney disease. What to do? What to avoid? PDF
  Ahmed Sabry Perioperative blood pressure management; recent guidelines PDF
  Ahmed Salah Case 2 PDF
  Ahmed Salah P wave indices, Does it make any sense? Challenging cases in ECG PDF
  Ahmed Salah Flecanide: It is officially back. PDF
  Ahmed Shafie Ammar What’s new in Blood pressure management in Acute Stroke? PDF
  Ahmed Soliman The state of Heart disease in Sudan PDF
  Ahmed Soliman LAA occluders: where do we stand today and prospects for our local communities. PDF
  Ahmed Tageldien Refining electrocardiography interpretation criteria in elite athletes. PDF
  Ahmed Tageldien Ablation of PVC, when to decide. PDF
  Ahmed Taha Abdel Wahed Case Presentation: Medically resistant Ischemic VT storm PDF
  Ahmed Wafa The heart-kidney interactions in heart failure. PDF
  Alaa Bassiouny Current results of primary repair of truncusarteriosus in early infancy PDF
  Alaa El-Ghamrawy Lifestyle for patients with rheumatic heart diseases. PDF
  Alaa Roushdy When not to close ASD PDF
  Alaa Roushdy Aortic Coarctation; the interventionalist view PDF
  Ali Kassem Uncontrolled hypertension - How to prevent unfavorable kidney outcome. PDF
  Ali Taha How low blood pressure should be lowered to protect the kidney in chronic kidney disease. PDF
  Aliaa Shabaan Ebstein anomaly from fetus to adult PDF
  Aly Tohamy Case 1: Bonapace Branch PDF
  Amal Rizk Genetic risk score: a breakthrough in cardiology prevention. PDF
  Amany El-Kholy Microbiological diagnosis of infective endocarditis; what is new? PDF
  Amira Esmat Debate in management of native COA; balloon versus surgery PDF
  Amr El-Badry Introduction PDF
  Amr El-Badry Case Presentation PDF
  Amr El-Hadidy Interruption of antiplatelet therapy: benefits and risks PDF
  Amr Hanafy Novel anticoagulation treatment of VTE/APE PDF
  Amr Mansour Should we do CT for all TOF patients? PDF
  Amr Mansour PFO closure What is new PDF
  Amr Youssef CTEPH: Risk stratification after PE. PDF
  Amr Zaki High risk PPCI; tips & tricks PDF
  Andreas Baumbach Do we need bioabsorbable scaffold? ABSORB II 3-years Follow-up PDF
  Andreas Baumbach Transradial Access for Coronary Angiography & Percutaneous intervention; step by step technique. PDF
  Andreas Baumbach Cerebral embolism after cardiovascular procedures: incidence, relevance and protection PDF
  Antoine Abdel Massih Atrial function by speckle tracking PDF
  Ashraf Reda Do we still need combination therapy? PDF
  Ashraf Talaat Pioglitazone, are we speaking about cardiovascular safety or protection? PDF
  Asmaa Bakr Case Presentation PDF
  Atef Elbahry The evidence behind how low should we go? PDF
  Awny Shalaby Different methods of remote ischemic preconditioning and their effect on the outcome of elective percutaneous coronary intervention PDF
  Ayat Aboutaleb Case 6 PDF
  Ayman Asham Echocardiography in emergency room PDF
  Ayman Khairy Case Presentation: Stent Dislodgment PDF
  Ayman Khairy ECG in electrolyte disturbance PDF
  Ayman Khairy The interventionist: Tips and tricks of endomyocardial biopsy. PDF
  Ayman Khairy FFR and intravascular imaging, which of which? PDF
  Ayman Mabrouk Tips of ECG for nurses PDF
  Ayman Mortada Follow up of intracardiac devices PDF
  Ayman Mortada Early after Depolarizations and Cardiac Arrhythmias. PDF
  Azza Erakky Echocardiography in diagnosis and management of CAD PDF
  Azza Farrag Echo guided procedures PDF
  Azza Katta HOCM: Prevention of sudden cardiac death. PDF
  Azza Katta Asymptomatic Brugada Syndrome: How to Manage PDF
  Baher Nabil Impending paradoxical embolism in a patient with pulmonary embolism PDF
  Bassem Abdel Hamid Invasive diagnostic approach to stable CAD should be the standard: Contra PDF
  David Kettles Complications; how to predict and manage? PDF
  David Kettles Do we need circulatory assist devices after PPCI for STEMI with recovered cardiogenic shock? PDF
  David Kettles Factors influencing OAC choice post STEMI PDF
  David Wood Global Challenges for Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases PDF
  Dina Abdelsalam Case Presentation PDF
  Dina Ossama The Mitral Valve PDF
  Doaa Ahmed Fouad Acute restoration of sinus rhythm in AF; 2016 guidelines. PDF
  Donna Polk ACC/AHA & ESC cholesterol Management Guidelines; similarities and differences PDF
  Donna Polk Latest Clinical Trial Evidence for Reducing CVD Risk in Diabetes - EMPA-REG, LEADER, and SUSTAIN 6 PDF
  El-Atafy El-Metwally Cortriatriatum; surgical challenges PDF
  El-Sayed Farag PIONEER AF-PCI trial: Rivaroxaban VS. Warfarin post-PCI in AF patients. PDF
  Emad Abdel Hay Case 2: Inferior MI with critical LM disease PDF
  Eman El-Sharkawy Who’s the Candidate “cost-effectiveness issue”? PDF
  Eric Velazquez ICDs for 1ry prevention of sudden cardiac death in non-ischemic DCM, could the DANISH trial ?change the guidelines PDF
  Eric Velazquez How to adjust heart failure therapy when kidney function declines? PDF
  Eric Velazquez Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction and pulmonary edema, what the guidelines say? PDF
  Eric Velazquez Surgical Revascularization for Ischemic Heart Failure: Lessons Learned from STICH trial PDF
  Erick Alexanderson Evaluation of the Vulnerable Plaque PDF
  Erick Alexanderson Fast gated SPECT: impact on diagnosis & prognosis of CAD. PDF
  Essam Mahfouz Cardiorenal Syndrome; an update PDF
  Fatma Aboul Seoud 3D ECHO in congenital mitral regurgitation PDF
  Fatma Aboul Seoud Implication of 2D speckle tracking deformation imaging in early detection and management of children underwent Anthracyclines induced cardiotoxicity: Single tertiary center experience PDF
  Galal El-Said Lost Pearls of Clinical Cardiology PDF
  Gamal Fahim HCV and coronary artery disease. PDF
  Gamal Fahim Post-PCI antiplatelet therapy in patients with liver cirrhosis. PDF
  Gamal Shabaan Catheter Ablation of Post MI VT: Should Be Performed After the First Shock? “Pro” PDF
  Gamela Nasr In the ICU PDF
  Gamela Nasr Myocardial Viability PDF
  Gerhard Schuler Future of TAVI in middle risk groups according to current studies. PDF
  Gerhard Schuler Tips & differences between different valves implantation. PDF
  Gerhard Schuler Establishment of a TAVI program PDF
  Ghada Kazamel The Tricuspid Valve PDF
  Hadeer Abdel Moneim VAD AHC patient journey PDF
  Hadley Wilson Future direction for research in platelet P2Y12 inhibition in acute coronary syndromes PDF
  Hadley Wilson Left Main Stenting—The Holy Grail of PCI. PDF
  Hadley Wilson CTO; the last frontier in PCI PDF
  Hadley Wilson The Ideal STEMI Network: Top 10 Lessons Learned Over the Last 10 Years. PDF
  Haitham Badran Predictors of success in atrial fibrillation ablation. PDF
  Haitham Soliman What’s new in shock team approach? PDF
  Haitham Soliman Case 1: Cancer treatment in a cardiac patient PDF
  Hala Gouda Case 1: Persistent left SVC PDF
  Hala Hamza Different devices in different places. PDF
  Hamdy Soliman Aortic stents, types, selection, tricks in deployment. PDF
  Hamdy Soliman Below Knee interventions, still a resistant frontier? PDF
  Hamza Kabil Prevention of HF in hypertension. Blocking the transition PDF
  Hany Abdel Shakour Catecholaminergic Polymorphic VT PDF
  Hany Adel Midterm results of PDA stenting in different Congenital heart diseases : Alexandria Experience PDF
  Hany Adel Coarctation of aorta stenting Alexandria University experience PDF
  Hany Ebaid Clinical decision making process, based on novel biomarkers in CHF. PDF
  Hany Fouad TEE principles and benefits PDF
  Hassan Shehata Lead extraction: the technique and hardware PDF
  Hatem Gharib Case 2: Challenging 12 lead ECG PDF
  Hazem Khamis MitraClip for Heart Failure; who is the right candidate? PDF
  Heba El-Deeb Clinical features, diagnosis and prognosis of patients with LV non-compaction. PDF
  Helmy El-Ghawaby HOCM: Percutaneous versus surgical management PDF
  Hesham Refaat Case 4:Vulnerable plaque is a hidden enemy PDF
  Hisham Boshra Renal artery stenosis, what is remaining for intervention? PDF
  Hisham Rezk Coronary assessment by Angiogram PDF
  Hoda Sobh How to distinguish between intrinsic and extrinsic AV block. PDF
  Hossam Bahy Statins and PCSK9 inhibitors in patients with HCV infection. PDF
  Hossam Bishr Case Presentation PDF
  Hossam Bishr Recent Guidelines in the Management of SCAD PDF
  Hossam Hassan Who, when and why - The rationale to treat beyond 12 months. PDF
  Hossam Hassan How big is the gap between guidelines and clinical practice in CAD patients? PDF
  Hossam Mansour LEADERS-FREE trial: Polymer –free drug coated stents in patients with high bleeding risk. PDF
  Hossam Mansour Angiographic Views PDF
  Hussein Hishmat Exercise overdose: when much is too much? PDF
  Hussein Rizk Prophylaxis for infective endocarditis: how and to whom? PDF
  Ibrahim Yousry Case 4 PDF
  Ihab El-Hifny Air pollution and vascular conditions. PDF
  Ihab Magdeldin What’s new in IE imaging? PDF
  Ihab Yassin Challenges in diagnosis; what’s the problem? PDF
  Islam El-Sherbiny The clinical presentation dilemma PDF
  Islam Shawky MSCT; is it promising? PDF
  Islam Shawky V/Q scan in 2017; is there still a role? PDF
  Islam Zakaria CMR role in AF Ablation; Planning, Responders & detection of Complications PDF
  Islam Zakaria CT, CMR added value in cardio-oncology. PDF
  Jane Abouelenein Clinical approach for device related infective endocarditis. PDF
  John Kamel Ablation of CAFEs is useful in persistent AF ablation “Pro” PDF
  Karim Abdel Hamid Case Presentation: Aortic Root Pseudo-aneurysm PDF
  Karim Abdel Hamid Case Presentation PDF
  Karim Said Adding PCSK9i to statins, insights from GLACOV trial PDF
  Karim Said Rationale for CTO PCI PDF
  Khaled Ali IVUS & FFR PDF
  Khaled El-Nady Diuretic resistant CHF on top of chronic renal impairment PDF
  Khaled M. Elmaghraby Post CABG; is it a Routine? PDF
  Khaled Mandour Case 3: sometimes we make the right decision; sometimes we make the decision right. PDF
  Khaled Mandour Case 5: do you leave it or do you stent it? PDF
  Khaled Mandour Case presentation: A complex Left Main PCI In The Setting Of Disastrous Intrapartum STEMI. PDF
  Khaled Rifaat The forgotten organic Tricuspid Stenosis PDF
  Khaled S. El-Maghraby Managing RV infarction: Is there sufficient data? PDF
  Khaled Ziada When to use percutaneous mechanical upport devices? PDF
  Khaled Ziada Distal vs Proximal Protection in Carotid Stenting. PDF
  Kornelia Kotseva European Guidelines on CVD prevention in clinical practice – what is new? PDF
  Kornelia Kotseva Implementation of CVD prevention guidelines in clinical practice: EUROASPIRE results PDF
  Lamyaa Allam What’s new in CHF devices? PDF
  Luis Guzman Duration of Antiplatelet Therapy; short, long or very long? PDF
  Luis Guzman Antithrombotic strategies post-STEMI in AF patients; the triple therapy dilemma. PDF
  Luis Guzman Radial approach, is it coming? PDF
  Magdy El-Masry In the NOACs era, how to deal with liver cirrhosis needing anticoagulation? PDF
  Maha Hassan Right ventricular dysfunction post on-pump vs o -pump coronary artery bypass grafting, is there a difference? PDF
  Mahfouz El-Shahawy Juvenile obesity, an emerging problem PDF
  Mahfouz El-Shahawy Pharmacotherapy Options for Obesity and Cardiometabolic Risk: Helpful or Harmful? PDF
  Mahfouz El-Shahawy Perivascular adiposity is not just a scaffold. PDF
  Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Case 3: Glycaemic control in patients with ACS PDF
  Mahmoud Abou Deif Case Presentation PDF
  Mahmoud Ali Soliman right ventricular deformation in asymptomatic children with type 1 diabetes mellitus PDF
  Mahmoud Fawzy Multivalvular disease PDF
  Mahmoud Fawzy Case Presentation: Abnormal suturing of mitral prosthesis to free edge of mitral valve leaflets PDF
  Mahmoud Hassanein Heart failure with low ejection fraction and chronic kidney disease, what the guidelines say? PDF
  Mahmoud Sakr ECG PDF
  Mahmoud Saraya HOCM: Risk stratification PDF
  Mahmoud Soliman Contemporary look at the treatment of cardiogenic shock. PDF
  Mahmoud Youssef HDL friend or foe? PDF
  Marwa Abdel Monsef Analysis of most common medication errors of digoxin PDF
  Marwa Ali Anemia Management in Heart Failure PDF
  Marwa Mesheal Challenges in IE management in pregnancy: what clinicians can do? PDF
  Marwa Mesheal Imaging in IEC; what’s new in 2017 PDF
  Marwa Sayed Case 1: Secrets in the bubbles. PDF
  Marwa Sayed Rush protocol PDF
  Marwan Sayed Value of transition zone during right ventricular entrainment in determining site of accessary pathway in orthodromic reentrant tachycardia PDF
  Marwan Sayed Validation of right ventricular pacing response during SVT in mechanistic diagnosis.(Transition zone) PDF
  Mazen Tawfik An ICD Should Always Be Implanted After VT Ablation in Patients with Structural Heart Disease “Pro” PDF
  Michael Valentine ACS, optimising antiplatelet therapy from first medical contact to discharge PDF
  Michael Valentine Treatment of ACS--a case based presentation - Short and long term PDF
  Michael Valentine Improving STEMI care in your institution. PDF
  Michael Valentine Complete revascularization in STEMI? Who and when? PDF
  Moataz Zaki Debate: In Patients with Long Standing Persistent AF, the Left Atrial Appendage Should Be Isolated in All Patients “Con” PDF
  Moataz Zaki An ICD Should Always Be Implanted After VT Ablation in Patients with Structural Heart Disease “Con” PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Ghani Debate: “Taking a SPRINT to lower B.P. targets”:SPRINT trial- Towards implementation of lower BP targets—PRO PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Ghani Challenging AF patients PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Ghani Long term BP control; special considerations. PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Ghani EXCEL and NOBLE trials, how to read the difference? PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Ghani SelokenZOC, Advanced Beta Blocker formula with proven efficacy across multiple CV endpoints. PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Hady Case 4: Tachycardia induced Cardiomyopathy PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Meguid BP management in acute stroke. PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Shafy Sleep apnea and arrhythmias PDF
  Mohamed Abo Mandour Case Presentation PDF
  Mohamed Aboul Kassem ECG in Tachyarrhythmias PDF
  Mohamed Aboul Kassem When to consult an electrophysiologist? PDF
  Mohamed Ali Cardiogenic shock in the setting of primary PCI PDF
  Mohamed Ali Tips and tricks for imaging right side of the heart. PDF
  Mohamed Ashraf Guidewires in 2017, an update PDF
  Mohamed Ashraf Below the knee interventions, BMS, balloon or DES? PDF
  Mohamed Atef Renal Denervation, any updates after SIMPLICITY II? PDF
  Mohamed Bayoumy Management of Cardioinhibitory Syncope: to Pace or not to Pace. PDF
  Mohamed Donia Role of CMR PDF
  Mohamed El-Setiha Guiding catheters PDF
  Mohamed Hamed Case Presentation: Primary PCI to double LAD PDF
  Mohamed Hamed Case Presentation: Primary PCI to LM PDF
  Mohamed Hassan Case Presentation PDF
  Mohamed Hassan Khedr Case 1 PDF
  Mohamed Hassan Khedr Case 3 PDF
  Mohamed Hassan Khedr Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, the overlooked disease. PDF
  Mohamed Hosny Case Presentation PDF
  Mohamed Ibrahim Amin Need for pharmacologic supportive therapy. PDF
  Mohamed Karim Routine invasive versus selective invasive strategy in NSTEMI. PDF
  Mohamed Karim Interventional management of Iliac Chronic total occlusion. PDF
  Mohamed Loutfi Imaging based invasive management in AMI, is it always practical? PDF
  Mohamed M. El-Fiky Surgical intervention; when and how? PDF
  Mohamed Medhat Case Presentation PDF
  Mohamed Mohsen Case 3: Surgical Implantation of Permanent Pacemaker PDF
  Mohamed Mousa Continuous versus bolus intermittent loop diuretic infusion for acutely decompensated heart failure: meta-analysis PDF
  Mohamed Osman Case Presentation: Embolic Stroke PDF
  Mohamed Ossama Mitral stenosis and added value of 3D imaging PDF
  Mohamed Sadaka Promising role of Natriuretic Peptides in Advancing heart Failure Care PDF
  Mohamed Salah Hegab Case presentation: Bifurcation PCI PDF
  Mohamed Salah Hegab Case Presentation: LM PCI PDF
  Mohamed Salah Hussein Case 5 PDF
  Mohamed Samir Case Presentation PDF
  Mohamed Sarhan Atrial Fibrillation in Athletes PDF
  Mohamed Seleem Take home message PDF
  Mohamed Seleem Thrombosis in Cancer Patients: Overall Considerations. PDF
  Mohamed Shaheen Physiological evaluation of the provisional Side-branch intervention strategy for bifurcation lesions using pressure wires PDF
  Mohamed Sobhy Ticagrelor or prasugral at first medical contact, are outcomes different from switching strategy few hours after primary PCI? PDF
  Mohamed Tahlawi PDA; what’s beyond shunt closure? PDF
  Mohamed Wafaai The immunologist: Immunosuppressive therapy. When, How and for how long? PDF
  Mohamed Wafaai Medical treatment with impact of thrombolytic therapy on long-term outcome of patients with intermediate risk PE: PEITHO trial. PDF
  Mohamed Zaki LDL vs non HDL cholesterol. Where do we stand? PDF
  Moheb Magdy Coronary aneurysm: what are the management options? PDF
  Mohmmad Hegazi Novel markers of rheumatic fever PDF
  Mohsen Ibrahim Guidelines and implementation in low resource settings. Egyptian guidelines in hypertension. PDF
  Mona Fekry Case 2: Anticoagulation for AF in patient with acute CV stroke PDF
  Mona Hafez Transcatheter closure of ASD Mansoura Experience PDF
  Nabil Farag PRAGUE-18 trial: Prasugrel or Ticagrelor in AMI PCI, which is better? PDF
  Nady Abdel Razek Case Presentation: Post CABG heart faliure PDF
  Nady Abdel Razek Do we have a triple rule out compared to CT PDF
  Nady Abdel Razek Case Presentation: Patient with borderline EF PDF
  Nady Abdel Razek CMR in the guidelines; case based PDF
  Naglaa Bazan Drug-Drug interactions of new oral anticoagulants: How to manage? PDF
  Nasser Taha Current challenges and future perspectives in hypertension management. PDF
  Nasser Taha BP variability and its role in prediction of adverse CV outcomes. PDF
  Nathan Wong Latest therapeutic advances – PCSK9 mAb Therapy and beyond. PDF
  Nathan Wong Assessing ASCVD Risk and Multiple Risk Factor Strategies in Diabetes for Prevention of ASCVD PDF
  Neama El-Meligy Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy PDF
  Neama El-Meligy Indications of sinus node ablation (approach and indication). PDF
  Nevine Habib Hydrops fetalis; Fetal cardiology perspective PDF
  Noha Abdel Salam Salt controversy. PDF
  Noha Kamal Approach to dyslipidemia in chronic renal insufficiency PDF
  Omar El-Farouk P2Y12 in patients with peripheral arterial disease; EUCLID trial PDF
  Ossama Amin Future directions of research in VTE/APE. PDF
  Ossama Diab Competitive Athletic Participation for Patients with Long QT Syndrome. Who and How Much? PDF
  Ossama Diab Grand Lecture: Channelopathies PDF
  Ossama Rifaie Can a biomarker rule-out exercise induced myocardial ischemia? PDF
  Radwa Abdallah The electrophysiologist: How to manage arrhythmias and SCD. PDF
  Ragab Abdel Salam Blood pressure control. A “SPRINT” Ragab towards the goal. PDF
  Raghda El-Sheikh Trans Catheter ASD closure Tips and Tricks PDF
  Ramez Reda Sleep and heart diseases. PDF
  Ramy Younes Case Presentation PDF
  Ramzy El-Mawardy What is optimal BP? Key differences and controversies among the many guidelines PDF
  Rania Samir Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation versus Escalation of Antiarrhythmic Drugs (The VANISH trial). PDF
  Rehab Hamdy Endothelial progenitor cell at hospital admission: an important risk for impaired longitudinal Left ventricular strain among type 2 diabetic patients with acute myocardial infarction PDF
  Saad Abdel Rahman Management of right coronary disease PDF
  Safaa Hussein Short term outcomes of percutaneous ASD closure in children and adolescence: an experience of two centers in Upper Egypt PDF
  Salah Atta Ablation of CAFEs is useful in persistent AF ablation “Con” PDF
  Salah Shelbaya Recent updates in Diabetes Management PDF
  Salma Taha Escitalopram in Patients with Heart Failure and Depression: The MOOD-HF Randomized Clinical Trial PDF
  Salma Taha Role of percutaneous balloon pulmonary angioplasty in treatment of CTEPH. PDF
  Salwa Roushdy Management of accelerated hypertension PDF
  Sameh Emil SPRINT trial- Towards implementation of lower BP targets—CON PDF
  Sameh Shaheen Target based therapy versus risk based therapy, contradictory or complementary concepts PDF
  Sameh Shaheen 2016 Guidelines; from theory to application PDF
  Samia El-Kady Case Presentation Congenital Anomalies of the coronaries. PDF
  Sarah Bahaa Strain by CMR; where do we stand? PDF
  Sarah Moharem What’s beyond coronaries? PDF
  Sarah Moharem RV evaluation; does it have a competitor? PDF
  Shady Hussein Case presentation: Bifurcational Coronary Lesion; the challenge. PDF
  Shady Hussein Case presentation: Ostial LM PCI in morbidly obese patient. PDF
  Shahir Kamal Hypertension and diabetes mellitus: the endless debates. PDF
  Shaimaa Zakaria Case 3: mixed mechanisms of LV systolic dysfunction PDF
  Shaimaa Zakaria Case 7: Non Hodgkin Lymphoma & mass on the AV PDF
  Sharaf El-Shazly Apheresis as a novel treatment for refractory angina with raised lipoprotein(a): a randomized controlled trial. PDF
  Sherif El-Beltagui Tips and tricks of side branch access. PDF
  Sherif Sakr Case presentation: Complex PCI of Multivessel total LAD, in patient with high risk ACS using modified crush technique PDF
  Sherif Sakr Perioperative BP management. PDF
  Sonia El-Seady Comparative study of transcatheter closure of PDA using different devices PDF
  Taghreed Abdel Rahman History Taking in Cardiac Patient PDF
  Taghreed Abdel Rahman The Impact Of Abnormal Circadian BP Pro le On Left Atrial Function by 2D Speckle Tracking Echocardiography and Its Effect on Functional Capacity in Hypertensive Patients PDF
  Tamer Moustafa Role of percutaneous ultrasound-facilitated thrombolysis in patients with PE at intermediate-high risk. PDF
  Tarek Abdel Rahman Cardio-hepatic interactions PDF
  Tarek Bishay Long-term follow-up of ASD closure after PBMV by TEE PDF
  Tarek El-Mawardy CT-FFR; update on the role of CT in lesion severity assessment. PDF
  Tarek Kafafy IVUS vs FFR for Intermediate lesion. PDF
  Tarek Kafafy Challenging PPCI in peripartal STEMI in the setting of Spontaneous coronary artery dissection. PDF
  Tarek Kafafy Case Presentation: Challenges met with PPCI in Post-CABG patients. PDF
  Tarek Rashid Antegrade Dissection Re-entry PDF
  Uwe Zeymer Critical care after cardiac arrest PDF
  Uwe Zeymer Therapeutic hypothermia, the forgotten maneuver. PDF
  Viola William Aortic Dissection PDF
  Viola William Basic Echocardiographic views and modalities. PDF
  Wael El-Kilany Adjunctive pharmacotherapy during PCI PDF
  Wael El-Kilany Prevention and attenuation of cardiovascular complications of anti-cancer therapies PDF
  Walaa Awad Minimizing drug-induced QT interval prolongation in critical care cardiac patients PDF
  Walid Ammar AF in hypertensive patients. Treatment and prevention. PDF
  Walid Ammar Patient risk assessment and preparation PDF
  Walid Ammar Vascular Access PDF
  Walid El-Awady Emerging pharmacotherapy. PDF
  Walid El-Awady Rule-out algorithms for NSTEMI diagnosis, which is the best? PDF
  Yasser Boghdady Troponin grey zone, what the guidelines say. PDF
  Yasser Huzayen Towards new therapies in cardiomyopathies. New pharmacological and genetic approaches. PDF

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