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CE 2018


  PresentingDoctor PresentationTitle  
  Abdallah El Asry Acute aortic syndrome (case presentation) PDF
  Abdel Moaty Kabbash Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Case? PDF
  Abdel Rahman Gamal Case (4) PDF
  Adam Witkowski Drug Eluting Stents over view PDF
  Adam Witkowski Updates in DES technology PDF
  Adam Witkowski Choice of Antiplatelets for ACS in 2018, do we need to individualize ? PDF
  Adam Witkowski Which Valve for which patient? PDF
  Adel El Etriby Patients with bleeding risk PDF
  Adel El Etriby Myocardial ischemia from traditional beliefs to new concepts PDF
  Adel El Etriby Diabetes and stable chronic ischemic heart disease, Update 2018 PDF
  Adel El Gamal Extended end to end repair of coarctation with arch hypoplasia (Single center experience) PDF
  Adel Shabana Severe mitral regurgitation PDF
  Adel Shabana Role of Cardiologist in smoking cessation PDF
  Adham Abdel Tawab Assessment of LV functions and volumes, is conventional methods still beneficial? PDF
  Ahmed Abdel Aaty Case 6 PDF
  Ahmed Abdel Aaty High risk MPI markers PDF
  Ahmed Abdel Aliem Congenital surgery in Mansoura: going more complex PDF
  Ahmed Abdel Rahman Contrast induced nephropathy PDF
  Ahmed Adel Role of hs troponin and the new biomarkers PDF
  Ahmed Asfour Tips & Tricks in CMR PDF
  Ahmed Ashraf Eissa DAPT-STEMI PDF
  Ahmed Boghdady Case 3 PDF
  Ahmed El Bendary Prosthetic valve PDF
  Ahmed El Bendary Unstable angina risk stratification, what is new? PDF
  Ahmed El Bendary Early global longitudinal strain predicts 30-day outcome in patients with preserved ejection fraction after reperfusion of ST-elevation myocardial infarction PDF
  Ahmed El Damaty VT ablation endpoints: were do we stand? PDF
  Ahmed El Guindy PCI in a patient with markedly reduced LV function: A case that went badly PDF
  Ahmed El Guindy A challenging case of percutaneous treatment of paravalvular leakage PDF
  Ahmed El Guindy TAVI in rheumatic aortic stenosis? PDF
  Ahmed El Hawary Acute right ventricular failure PDF
  Ahmed El Kersh case (8) PDF
  Ahmed El Konaissy Case presentation PDF
  Ahmed Fareed Myocarditis : How to diagnose and treat ? PDF
  Ahmed Farouk Secondary hyperlipidemia: uncommon clinical problem PDF
  Ahmed Fouad ECG PDF
  Ahmed Hamed Assessment ACS PDF
  Ahmed Hassan Diagnostic algorithm for pulmonary hypertension PDF
  Ahmed Hassouna Concept and assumptions. Major types and Indications PDF
  Ahmed Hassouna Kaplan Meir method and Cox proportional hazard analysis PDF
  Ahmed Kamel Challenging case of ACS PDF
  Ahmed Magdi Learn from cases PDF
  Ahmed Magdi Case escalation tricks in primary PCI PDF
  Ahmed Magdy PCI strategy for STEMI and cardiogenic shock with critical left main and three vessel disease PDF
  Ahmed Mohsen ORBITA PDF
  Ahmed Qassem Case presentation PDF
  Ahmed Sabry Learn from cases PDF
  Ahmed Said Case presentation PDF
  Ahmed Saied IVUS PDF
  Ahmed Samman MDCT VS. MRI for RVOT PDF
  Ahmed Shafie Ammar Inotropes: effects on the heart, the microcirculation and other organs PDF
  Ahmed Shawky Guide Wire design, Selection for which lesion PDF
  Ahmed Shawky Management of Hypertension and Dyslipidemia -  Case Study PDF
  Ahmed Shawky The clinical problem of Functional Mitral Regurgitation (FMR): what do the guidelines say? PDF
  Ahmed Shawky Management of Anticoagulation post PCI PDF
  Ahmed Shawky End-stage heart failure PDF
  Ahmed Shawky Mandelian randomisation studies and LDL causality PDF
  Ahmed Shehata Difficult dyslipidemia, how to reach target? PDF
  Ahmed Tag El Din CRT optimization: Still have a role? PDF
  Ahmed Taha How to avoid complication in VT ablation? PDF
  Ahmed Wafa A patient with acute heart failure and renal impairment PDF
  Ahmed Yehia Hegab Coronary artery spasm as cause of ACS PDF
  Alaa Al Gazzar Lead extraction PDF
  Alaa Etman Case 4 PDF
  Alaa Ibrahim NOACs vs. vitamin K antagonists in DVT and PE PDF
  Alaa Roshdy Retrieval of embolized devices PDF
  Ali Ahmed Myocardial viability: cardiac MRI or PET PDF
  Ali Ahmed Stress cardiac MRI, present data and future prospective PDF
  Ali Denktas PCI Complications, how to avoid PDF
  Ali Denktas High risk PCI and relation to  cardiogenic shock PDF
  Ali Denktas MI mechanical complication, case based PDF
  Ali Denktas Interventional Cardiologist Journey PDF
  Ali Kassem HTN with sleep apnea PDF
  Aliaa Abdel Fattah Case 3 PDF
  Aliaa Abdel Fattah Challenges in the evaluation of heart disease in women PDF
  Aliaa Shabaan New modalities in diagnosis and management of foetal arrhythmias PDF
  Aly Abd El Fatah Heart Failure PDF
  Aly Tohamy The cardiovascular outcome studies PDF
  Amal Khalifa Echocardiography for Aorta PDF
  Amal Saeed Ahmed Common Examples of Medical Negligence PDF
  Amira Abdel Moneim Shaheen Avemar and Echinacea extracts enhance mobilization and homing of CD34+ stem cells in rats with acute myocardial infarction PDF
  Amr Abdel Aal Takotsubo syndrome : Presentation, management and outcome PDF
  Amr Abdel Raouf Cardiovascular toxicity of non Cardiovascular drugs PDF
  Amr El Badry Case 7 PDF
  Amr El Faramawy PCI post thrombolysis, how to apply PDF
  Amr El Faramawy Management of hypertension in a patient with Acute stroke PDF
  Amr Kamal Learn from cases PDF
  Amr Zaki Learn from cases PDF
  Andreas Eicken PC PV implantation long term follow up & lessons we have to learned PDF
  Andreas Eicken HF in adult with CHD diagnosis & therapeutic strategies PDF
  Antoine Abdel Massih Case  2 PDF
  Antonello Gavazzi Which classification we have to rely on. PDF
  Antonello Gavazzi Autosomal Dominant left sided Arrythmogenic cardiomyopathy masked as an acute coronary syndrome PDF
  Ashraf Shalakany Mapping and ablation strategy for ablation of VT after healed MI PDF
  Ashraf Shalakany Pacing /defibrillator indication of wearable defibrillator. PDF
  Asmaa Maged VT storm: How to manage. PDF
  Atef Elbahry Statin and new onset DM : Where is the truth PDF
  Attia Morsy Shokr Case presentation PDF
  Ayman El Said Cardiac Hemodynamics PDF
  Ayman El Sheikh Controversy in contemporary guidelines PDF
  Ayman Mortada Arrhythmia in IHD : intervention versus medical TTT PDF
  Azza El Eraky Prosthetic valves during pregnancy PDF
  Azza El Eraky Heart failure and pulmonary hypertension: how to access, how to manage? PDF
  Azza El Fiky Intra-procedure guidance PDF
  Azza Katta Who is at risk of SCD in patients with PVC s PDF
  Bassem Abdel Hamid The case for antegrade Approach New Tricks PDF
  Boston scientific New advances and technologies of CRT: Where we stand from biomedical engeneering point of View ? PDF
  Christian Pristipino The European position paper on the management of PFO PDF
  Diaa Eldin Kamal Prepration & selection of the patient for TAVI PDF
  Diaa Eldin Kamal Case presentation PDF
  Dina Abdel Salam Echo screening for congenital heart diseases PDF
  Ehab El Hefny Pulmonary Comorbidities of HF:- COPD and Sleep Apnea PDF
  Ehab Elsayed Mahdy Ali Mosa Right Ventricular Mechanics in Patients with Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy Using Strain Imaging PDF
  El Sayed Farag Case: A clinical case acute MI, cardiogenic shock and multivessel coronary artery disease PDF
  Elena Surkova 3D-Echocardiography added value in chamber quantification PDF
  Elena Surkova 3D Echocardiogrphy added value in righ ventricle assessment PDF
  Elena Surkova 3D-Echocardiography added value in Valve quantification PDF
  Eman El Sharkawy Safety Issues in CMR: Commonly asked questions PDF
  Eman Hasan Case 6 PDF
  Emanuel Fares CRT in non-LBBB patients: Go for implantation PDF
  Emanuel Loka Case 6 PDF
  Eslam Galal Case 4 PDF
  Essam Mahfouz Statin intolerance: does it exists? How to manage? PDF
  Fadi Bitar Balloon valvuloplasty for critical congenital aortic stenosis. Is it TTT of choice? PDF
  Fadi Bitar Approach to pulmonary hypertension with repaired CHD PDF
  Farid Fawzy Cardiac Autonomic neuropathy and Diabetes PDF
  Faten Mohamady Pulmonary Edema PDF
  Fathy Maklady NOACs and VKA: What are the differences? PDF
  Fatma AboulSeoud Taha Modalities for assessment of inter-atrial septum PDF
  Galal Al Kilany Aortic valve intervention PDF
  Gamal Fahim Case  2 PDF
  Gamal Mostafa FFR & IFR PDF
  Gamela Nasr Cardiovascular disease in Women PDF
  Ghada El Sayed Peripartum Cardiomyopathy PDF
  Ghada El Sayed Specialized Egyptian hypertension clinic PDF
  Ghada El Shahed Pitfalls in pre-natal diagnosis PDF
  Ghada Kazamel Pharmacologic Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism PDF
  Ghada Saber How to lose weight safely PDF
  Gomaa Abdel Razik Mitral valve disease PDF
  Habib Gamra Management of massive coronary thrombi PDF
  Hala Agha When & How VSD is closed by catheter PDF
  Hala Gouda Exercise related syncope in young athlete :reassurance, restriction or referral PDF
  Hala Gouda Fasicular tachycardia Abtation PDF
  Hala Mahfouz Understanding the basic concept of multimodality imaging? PDF
  Hala Mahfouz Deformation imaging in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy fact or fiction? PDF
  Hamdy Soliman Role of endovascular intervention PDF
  Hanaa Abdel Aziz Case 1 PDF
  Hanaa Abdel Aziz Pseudo infarction; Unusual finding PDF
  Hani Mahmoud Basics of 3D-TEE (Image acquisition &Display) PDF
  Hani Mahmoud 3D-TEE added value during percutaneous structural interventions PDF
  Hani Mahmoud Basics of three-dimensional trans-esophageal echocardiography PDF
  Hani Mahmoud 3D Echocardiogrphy in cath lab: beyond fluoroscopy PDF
  Hany Adel Stenting for PDA in duct dependent circulations PDF
  Hany Eteiba Non-STEMI in 2018 what we learned? PDF
  Hany Eteiba Huge thrombus management PDF
  Hany Maurice Bariatric therapy: value and remote complications PDF
  Hany Ragy Early SVG failure PDF
  Hany Ragy Only ACE inhibitors save lives PDF
  Hany Ragy Is there a safe level of smoking? PDF
  Hany Taha Nebrilysin pathway in heart failure PDF
  Hassan Shehata Lead Extraction tips and tricks Ain Shams experience PDF
  Haytham Soliman Low HDL: diagnostic and prognostic value PDF
  Heba Abdel Moteleb Persistant LSVC implants PDF
  Heba Zaid Door to balloon time : challenges and improvement PDF
  Hend Ibrahim Tips and tricks on anticoagulation PDF
  Hesham Bahaa Forgotten valvs, what is the future? PDF
  Hesham Refaat Pro-inflammatory and pro-thrombotic phenotype of spontaneously differentiated human monocyte-derived macrophages in coronary heart disease patients: implications for plaque morphology and activity PDF
  Hisham Aboul Einen MI in elderly PDF
  Hisham Boshra Controversial management of a no-reflow PDF
  Hisham Rashid micro- RNA and regulation of atherosclerosis PDF
  Hisham Seif Subpectoral cardiac device implantation: when and how? PDF
  Hoda Shehata Abd El Gawad Added value of three dimensional echocardiography. PDF
  Hossam Hassan When to do Multi-vessel intervention in elective diabetic Patients PDF
  Hossam Hassan A glimpse on management of diversified Hypertension patients with 3D comprehensive protection PDF
  Hossam Sherif Vascular imaging by PET scan PDF
  Hussien Rizk Can the guidelines solve all the problems PDF
  Hussien Rizk Cardiooncology : practical recommendations for the clinician PDF
  Ihab El Guindy The forgotten risk factor: Mental health PDF
  Ihab Shaker Reperfusion therapy in acute myocardial infarction and acute ischemic stroke: similarity and differences PDF
  Islam El Dafrawy Pharmacotherapy of acute heart failure with multi organ dysfunction PDF
  Islam Zakaria Mapping techniques in CMR PDF
  Jacek Legutko When to use two stents PDF
  Jacek Legutko Learn from cases European Experience PDF
  Jacek Legutko Technical challenges in LM PCI: “Case Based” PDF
  John Shenouda Case 6 PDF
  Julia Grapsa Added value of 3D-TEE during structural cardiac interventions PDF
  Julia Grapsa Imaging in pulmonary hypertension PDF
  Julia Grapsa Echocardiography screening for genetically transmitted diseases PDF
  Karim Mahmoud NOACs in post-intervention patients PDF
  Karim Mahmoud TEE Comprehensive views PDF
  Karim Said When and how to follow patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy PDF
  Karim Said Inotropes PDF
  Karim Zaki Case  2 PDF
  Khaled Refaat Infarction of a patient who underwent mechanical valve prosthesis PDF
  Khaled Refaat Percutaneous closure of PMVSD facts & debates PDF
  Khaled Samir RVOFT relief , short, mid and long term experience. PDF
  Khaled Shokry Predictors of success of CTO PCI PDF
  Khaled Ziada FFR and iFR, the Physiologic imaging PDF
  Khaled Ziada When to use one stent; Can a single two-stent "bail-out" strategy fit all? PDF
  Khaled Ziada Functional and Anatomic Assessment of Left Main PDF
  Khalid Ali New management strategies for PE PDF
  Khalid El Hadidy Managing Diabetes in the ICU PDF
  Lamiaa Sallam Case 4 PDF
  Magdy Abdel Hamid Long term DAPT after STEMI: what do the guidelines say PDF
  Magdy Abdel Hamid How to tackle congestion PDF
  Magdy El Masry MINOCA PDF
  Magdy El Masry Iron Deficiency : A new target in treatment of HF PDF
  Mahfouz El Shahawy Novel Modality and approach for cardiovascular disease risk assessment: update 2018 PDF
  Mahfouz El Shahawy Obesity is a disease even without comorbidities: update on novel data 2018 PDF
  Mahfouz El Shahawy Excess epicardial fat is a major risk marker for cardiovascular disease: noval data from our center PDF
  Mahmoud Abdel Khalik Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Pulmonary Vascular Disease PDF
  Mahmoud Abdel Khalik High thrombus burden PPCI PDF
  Mahmoud Abdelaziz Abdelrashid Not always malingering PDF
  Mahmoud Abdelaziz Abdelrashid AVNRT ablation is not always an easy mission PDF
  Mahmoud Hassan Abdelnabi Cardiac chloroma or myeloid sarcoma of the heart: Case Report PDF
  Mahmoud Hassanien Atrial fibrillation in HF : Treatment options and anticoagulation PDF
  Mahmoud Hassanien Pre hypertension PDF
  Mahmoud Kamel Case 3 PDF
  Mahmoud Kamel Percutaneous management of hypertension PDF
  Mahmoud Sakr Bifurcation Lesion PDF
  Mahmoud Soliman Statin safety claims PDF
  Mahmoud Soliman Hypertension management in acute stroke PDF
  Mahmoud Youssef Can NOACs replace VKA actually in VTE? PDF
  Maiy Hamdy El Sayed Step by step Coarctation aortoplasty PDF
  Maiy Hamdy El Sayed Coarctation stenting in near aortic interruption PDF
  Maiy Hamdy El Sayed Post MI VSDs PDF
  Mansour Sallam Learn from cases PDF
  Marwa Gad Case  2 PDF
  Marwa Mesheal Improving diagnosis PDF
  Marwan Sayed Accessory Pathway ablation in a challenging case of AVRT PDF
  Medhat El Ashmawy STEMI new guidelines, what did we learn? PDF
  Mervat Aboul Maaty Post ablation blanking period: Importance and duration PDF
  Moataz Zaki What we learned from FIRE and ICE PDF
  Moataz Zaki ICD inappropriate shocks: Roadmap to management PDF
  Moataz Zaki CRT in non-LBBB patients: Other strategies PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Ghany ACS and Beyond PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Ghany Late stent thrombosis, neoatherosclerosis PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Ghany Combination therapy in ACS management: myth or reality? PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Ghany ACS Management, Bringing Guidelines to Practice PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Hady CRT non responders: What is wrong PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Wahab PCI of a heavily calcified coronary lesion: A case that went badly PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Wahab PCI in a patient with a chronic total occlusion: A case that went well PDF
  Mohamed Abdel Wahab Interventions for valvular heart disease: Essentials for a successful program PDF
  Mohamed Abo El Kassem Device infection the nightmare (how to deal with)? PDF
  Mohamed Aboulhassan Mahaim Fiber as a bystander in AVRT case PDF
  Mohamed Ali Case (1) PDF
  Mohamed Amin Case (6) PDF
  Mohamed Ayman 3D-TEE added value (real-life cases) PDF
  Mohamed Donia The role of MRI in congenital heart disease PDF
  Mohamed El Shetry Case 5 PDF
  Mohamed El Tahlawy Where is the concealed shunt? PDF
  Mohamed Gharieb Case 3 PDF
  Mohamed Hamed Case 8 PDF
  Mohamed Helmy Hypertensive Emergencies during Pregnancy PDF
  Mohamed Hendia Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) clinical overview PDF
  Mohamed Kamal Salama The Right Ventricle in HF PDF
  Mohamed Khalaf Allah Role of Imaging in the diagnosis of PE PDF
  Mohamed Koraim Novel markers of congestion in patients with AHF PDF
  Mohamed Koraim Case (7) PDF
  Mohamed Loutfi Is there a role for drug eluting balloons PDF
  Mohamed Mabrouk Aortic valve disease PDF
  Mohamed Magdy Case presentation PDF
  Mohamed Maghawry HOCM and AF PDF
  Mohamed Medhat Percutaneous closure of secundumASD  Benisuef experience PDF
  Mohamed Mohsen Sick sinus syndrome (types and management ) PDF
  Mohamed Osheba Case 3 PDF
  Mohamed Ossama A challenging case of balloon mitral valvuloplasty PDF
  Mohamed Ossama Dealing with acute situation, learning from cases PDF
  Mohamed Ossama Artifacts and pitfalls PDF
  Mohamed Ossama VVI & DD not usually an easy job PDF
  Mohamed Ossama Trans septal CRT PDF
  Mohamed Salah Moselhy Heart rate in heart failure management PDF
  Mohamed Seleem Guidelines, how did change the practice of primary PCI PDF
  Mohamed Setiha Case 1 PDF
  Mohamed Shafik Sleep apnea and AF: Chicken and the egg Emerging risk factors PDF
  Mohamed Wafaie Management of Stable angina, the evidence behind the drugs PDF
  Mohamed Wafaie NOACs new data in cardiology, from trial to real world PDF
  Mohamed Zaki Hypertriglyceridemia: how low to go and how to go low? PDF
  Mohammad Mustafa Al-Daydamony Erectile Dysfunction Severity as a Predictor of Left Main and/or Three-Vessel Disease in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients PDF
  Mona Aboul Soud Potential Prophylactic measures for PE PDF
  Mona Rayan Integrated SPECT and CTA for the assessment of hemodynamically significant coronary artery lesions. PDF
  Mona Youssef Post resuscitation care and role of urgent coronary angiography PDF
  Mostafa El Sayed ACS intervention in shocked patients PDF
  Moustafa Mokarab Case 1 PDF
  Mpiko Ntsekhe Complete revascularization in Primary PCI PDF
  Nancy Sweitzer Biomarkers in HF : The old and the new PDF
  Nancy Sweitzer HFPEF : Novel therapies: hope or dream? PDF
  Nancy Sweitzer Cardiogenic Shock: The Evolution of Patient and Device Selection for Acute Circulatory Support PDF
  Nashwa Amr Ali MINOCA PDF
  Nasser Taha Preventive strategy PDF
  Nasser Taha Diagnosis of Primary Hyperlipidemia based on cost benefit PDF
  Nerin Okasha Primary PCI in complex anatomy PDF
  Nevin Mamdouh congestive heart failure ( Hydrops foetails) PDF
  Omar Galal Standardization of approach to aortic valvuloplasty SCANPS PDF
  Omar Halak Why and when to revascularize in Stable angina PDF
  Omar Saleh Challenging case of ACS PDF
  Omer Goktekin Where retrograde techniques do sit in my practice, review of case PDF
  Omnia Nayel Impact of genomic on cardiovascular therapy PDF
  Osama Diab Channelopathies and syncope PDF
  Osama Louis Cardiac Arrest in the cath lab PDF
  Osama Mamdouh Case 7 PDF
  Osama Sanad Rivaroxiban in valvular AF: Where is reality? PDF
  Osama Sanad How to manage patients on DAPT before emergency surgery? PDF
  Ossama Tayeh Acute MI PDF
  Radwa Abdallah Electrophysiologist in obstetrics clinic (part 1): Arrhythmias during pregnancy revisited PDF
  Ragab Abdel Salam Diagnosis and treating Cardiorenal syndrome in HF PDF
  Raghda El Sheikh Step by step Balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty PDF
  Ramadan Ghaleb Mohammed Aortic stiffness index and its relation with cardiac functions in children before and after transcatheter closure of the PDA. PDF
  Ramesh Daggubati The use of IVUS and OCT to optimize PCI results PDF
  Ramesh Daggubati Hybrid revascularization: is it prime time? PDF
  Ramez Guindy Statins, LDL-C Lowering or More? PDF
  Reda Abu El Atta Learn from cases PDF
  Reda Abu El Atta Can we predict erosion PDF
  Reda Abu El Atta Current indication for PVI, What is new? PDF
  Rehab Hamdy Tilt table test  results  (interpretation and pit falls ) PDF
  Rehab Hamdy Patient with borderline QRS width: Role of different imaging modalities for CRT implantation. PDF
  Riyadh Abu-Sulaiman Imaging guidance during Congenital and structure intervention & its limitations PDF
  Saad Abdel Rahman Coronary Fistula PDF
  Saber Mostafa LVAD Specialized Nurse PDF
  Safaa Hussein Trans-catheter closure of PM VSD Sohage experience PDF
  Sahar Abdel Moniem Updates on ultrasound contrast agents PDF
  Sahar Abdel Moniem Case 6 PDF
  Sahar El-Shedoudy Step by step PFO closure PDF
  Sahar El-Shedoudy Rational for coarctation stenting  from neonates to adults PDF
  Said Abdel Aziz Surgical Management PDF
  Said Abdel Aziz When to operate PDF
  Salah El Tahan Indications for MSCT CA PDF
  Salma Chbib An update on DAPT PDF
  Salma Taha Case (2) PDF
  Salwa Ahmed Elgebaly Cyclocreatine: A New Cardioprotective Therapy Against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury PDF
  Sameh Emil New updates of hypertension management PDF
  Sameh Emil NOAC in pulmonary embolism treatment PDF
  Sameh Shaheen Is the still a role for thrombectomy in ACS (practice and guidelines) PDF
  Sameh Shaheen Rivaroxiban in ACS : is it effective? PDF
  Samia El kady Case  2 PDF
  Samir Pancholy Step by step technique PDF
  Samir Pancholy Dealing with difficult anatomy, learn from cases PDF
  Samir Pancholy Radial Artery Occlusion Prevention and Recanalization PDF
  Samir Pancholy Learn from cases, American experience PDF
  Sara Abdel Aziz Case 3 PDF
  Sarah Bahaa Case 3 PDF
  Sayed Abdou Integration of imaging modalities, case based PDF
  Sayed Abdou Post CABG MI PDF
  Selim Shehata Type of Wires PDF
  Sherif Akl IVUSImage Interpretation WorkShop PDF
  Sherif Sakr Gastro-intestinal bleeding with ACS PDF
  Sherif Wagdy Ayad Heart failure with midrange EF : Do we have enough data ? PDF
  Soha Hekal Case 9 PDF
  Soliman Gharieb HTN and depression PDF
  Soliman Gharieb Statin resistance: validity and management PDF
  St Jude New advances and technologies of CRT: Where we stand from biomedical engeneering point of View ? PDF
  Suzan Bayoumi Introduaction, indications and timing of foetal echo PDF
  Sylvia Hass. Sub Group analysis & RWE in challenging AF patients PDF
  Tamer Mosaad Lipid reducing drugs: is there a difference PDF
  Tarek El-Kholy Out of hospital cardiac arrest PDF
  Tarek Kafafy Case 4 PDF
  Tarek Rashid Learn from cases PDF
  Tarek Rashid PCI in a patient with a chronic total occlusion: A case that went badly PDF
  Taymour Moustafa Case 5 PDF
  Taymour Moustafa Risk scores, how they affect my management? PDF
  Thomas Schmitz Contemporary percutaneous coronary interventions: Essentials for your toolbox PDF
  Tommaso Gori PCI in a patient with markedly reduced LV function: A case that went well PDF
  Tommaso Gori PCI in a patient with left main disease: A case that went badly PDF
  Tommaso Gori A challenging case of transcatheter aortic valve replacement PDF
  Uwe Zeymer percutaneous ventricular cardiac assist device in cardiogenic shock PDF
  Uwe Zeymer CULPRIT-SHOCK trial PDF
  Uwe Zeymer Revascularization strategy in cardiogenic shock, case based PDF
  Wael El Kilany Pre-hospital medical management PDF
  Wael Hassib Coronary atherosclerosis without abnormal lipid profile, how to manage? PDF
  Wael Safwat Basics of smoking cessation service PDF
  Wafaa Salah Eldin Elsherbeny Comparative study between multi-detector computed tomography and echocardiography in evaluation of congenital vascular rings PDF
  Walaa Farid New Concepts in treatment of Heart Failure PDF
  Waleed El-Awady Spontaneous coronary artery dissection PDF
  Walid El Hammady Pharmaco-invasive approach, where we are? PDF
  Wessam ElShafie Mechanical complication of MI PDF
  Yasmen Khalaf Case 8 PDF
  Yasser Sadek A challenging case of transcatheter aortic valve replacement PDF
  Yasser Sadek Managing Valvular Heart Disease in HF PDF
  Yasser Sadek Case Left main primary PCI for urgent revascularization in patient with cardiogenic shock PDF
  Yasser Sadek TAVI in special situation? PDF
  Yasser Yazid CPR in special situations PDF
  Yassmine Abdel Razik Intervention VS. surgery in pregnant women with CHD, How and When PDF
  Yehia Kishk Is there a new place for PSCK9 therapy? PDF
  Yousry Kamel Chest pain with normal ECG PDF

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